Japanese politicians to be reached via Line app

8 years ago by in Politics, Technology

Ten political parties in Japan have created official accounts on Line app, with politicians trying to improve their dialogue with voting members of the population.

Line has reported recently more than 150 million registered users worldwide, but Japan, the app’s home country, remains its biggest market with over 45 million users.

Politicians’ rush of opening Line accounts started after Japan legalized recently the use of Internet during election campaigns, ending the ban on the use of social networks, blogs, according to the international press.

Japanese users of Line can receive messages from the political parties and the parties can also ask for comments from their followers, thus creating a faster and more efficient dialogue when it comes to asking for public feedback on various political strategies.

The politicians’ accounts are not available for Line users outside Japan, but the local users can write to the ten political parties by searching for their official accounts:

Liberal Democratic Party (LINE ID: @ jimin)
Democratic Party (LINE ID: @ minshu)
Restoration Society of Japan (LINE ID: @ jprestorationparty)
Komeito (LINE ID: @ komei)
Your Party (LINE ID: @ yourparty)
Party of life (LINE ID: @ seikatsu1pr)
Japan Communist Party (LINE ID: @ jcpline)
Social Democratic Party (LINE ID: @ sdp.japan)
Green wind (LINE ID: @ midorinokaze)
New party reform (LINE ID: @ shintokaikaku)