Latte artist creates manga-inspired caffeinated drinks

8 years ago by in Japan

A Japanese latte artist, who calls herself “Sugi” on Twitter, surprised manga fans with her creations: she draws portraits of manga characters, such as Sailor Moon, using chocolate syrup on the caffeinated drinks’ milk foam.

Sugi started to learn the latte art only last April and now works on two or three cups a day, reaching a total number of about 800 cups so far. She uses chocolate syrup, cocktail syrups and toothpicks to draw the manga characters, according to the local press.

Drawing on coffee is the same thing as drawing on paper, Sugi says. The artist recommends looking at the subject and drawing it as you go. Mistakes cannot be repaired, so the best thing is to understand what went wrong and try to avoid it the next time, she says.

Sugi learns from other people doing latte art on Twitter, as they are often happy to help and give any advice.

Various forms of latte art are spreading recently, with Japanese barista Kazuki Yamamoto sharing photos of 3D latte artworks on Twitter, which can be seen here.