Locals Thugs Forced To Fight Muay Thai Fighters, Guess Who Won

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The Thai New Year or also known as “Songkran” is held annually between April 13-15. Songkran is also known as the water-throwing-festival. It’s the tradition of washing Buddhist statues because they believe it will bring good fortune. It’s also tradition to throw water on other people as well. You can say it’s like a big water balloon fight without the balloons.

Not all of the citizens are well-behaved. There had been fights and drunken brawls that had happened during the festival. One politician in Buriram City thought of an idea to stop the local gang members from making chaos at future festivals. The politician’s idea might just shock you…

Located in northeast province of Thailand is Buriram City. Since it’s the hottest month of the year, the local residents are looking forward to the New Year’s festival so that they can cool down with the water. But, one local politician was so fed up by the destruction caused by the young gang members that he got an idea on how to stop the gang members from ruining the festival. He said, “This time, whoever disrupts the festival will be forced to fight three rounds with a pro Muay Thai fighter.” Sounds like a good idea to stop the bad people from causing chaos huh?

Internationally, Muay Thai is known as Thai kickboxing. It’s basically a full-contact martial art that requires intense physical and mental discipline. None of the local thugs believed any word that the local politician said. Five thugs decided to cause some disturbance and were seized by the event staff. They were then dragged over to the special ring that was set up in the center of the event area. They were then forced to go up against pro Muay Thai fighters. That’s what they get for not believing the local politician!

How do you you think the fights turned out? Guess and then watch the video below! (I’m pretty sure you know how it turned out!)

This was the announcement at the opening ceremony about the punishment.

It’s obvious the pro Muay Thai fighters didn’t go easy on the thugs and their physical strength proved to be no match for those pro fighters. Hey, that’s what they get for not taking the said punishment seriously. It must have been very embarrassing getting beat up in front of thousands of spectators but maybe they’ll learn something out of it. Hopefully they learn their lesson and not disrupt the fun at the future festivals.

This is amusing for some but in reality there have been worse things that had happened during the festivals. According to an announcement made by the Thai police, ¬†2,926 people were injured and 277 people were killed in just¬†five days during the festival. Remember, if you participate in the future festivals, make sure that you’re aware of your surroundings. And be responsible and avoid any violence.

Source/Image: Itai News