Low-cost robots to assist elderly in Japan

6 years ago by in Technology

Japan’s government is planning to financially help the companies that develop low-cost nursing care robots. Each robot costs about Y100,000 and is designed to assist the elderly people in completing their daily tasks, as well as to ease the nursing care workers’ job.

The government hopes to revise nursing care insurance coverage to include the use of such robots. This plan could lead to lower prices for renting robots, such as several hundred yen per month, according to the international press.

The government’s plan includes four types of nursing care robots. The first one is equipped with a motor, thus the robot can assist in lifting or moving elderly or impaired patients, without a human caretaker having to lift up a patient on his/her own.

The second one is an ambulatory robot that can help the elderly and others walk by themselves, even on inclines.

The third machine is a portable, self-cleaning robot toilet that helps elderly use the toilet easier and that can be placed in living rooms or bedrooms.

Finally, the fourth robot is a monitoring one, as it can track the movements and whereabouts of dementia patients.

The nursing care robots will not be sold sooner than fiscal 2016, the government said.