Mori Tower Sky Deck

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Whether you’re just visiting Tokyo or a long-term resident of the city, at some point it’s well worth taking a trip to the roof of the 54-floor Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills. The view from 270 metres above the city is just stunning. On a clear day Mt. Fuji is easily visible to the West, and if you visit just before sunset you can watch the gradual transformation of the metropolis into a sea of lights.

Make sure you wrap up warm though – it can get pretty chilly up there on the roof!

Tokyo Tower from Mori Tower Sky Deck
Tokyo Tower

Looking East from the helicopter pad you have a great view of Tokyo Tower.

Life in miniature

Escape the buzz of the city below

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi park, just one of the familiar many places to spot whilst on the roof

A great place for photos!

Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera!


The top of the tower is also home to a helipad, and numerous antena


Looking west just before sunset – note the new tower in Naka-Meguro, at this stage still under construction with two cranes for ears!

On a clear day, the view can be stunning

The sunsets up there can be pretty spectacular.

On guard

On guard: possibly the coldest place to work as a security guard in Tokyo

Mt. Fuji at sunset

Mt. Fuji is unmistakable on the western horizon

Mount Fuji

As night falls, so the temperature plummets – wrap up warm, and watch out for helicopters coming in to land!

Streams of traffic

The traffic never stops

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower by night