Interesting Gadget That Will Let You See Smartphone Notifications Just By Wearing Glasses

7 years ago by in Japan, Technology


I know how tiring it is to get your phone out of your pockets to look at your notifications and then put it back in your pocket only to receive another notification. What if you could look at your notifications without having to take your phone out of your pocket or your bag? There is an amazing new technology that was seen on CNET Japan Live 2014. The device is called Fun’iki Ambient Glasses. What it allows you to do is see your phone without having to look at it at all. Sounds cool right?!

You can learn more about this awesome product on the company’s very own website


1. The product has multicolored LED bulbs that will automatically light up the lenses depending on the settings that you’ve picked. Fully automated light sensors however will self-adjust the brightness of the LEDs to match the environment you’re in. The Fun’iki Ambient Glasses also has built-in speakers (on the arms of the glasses), accelerometer, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, and for some reason, Morse code.


2. You can use these glasses as normal glasses/eyewear since they are very light. The device is powered by compact USB rechargeable Li-ion batteries.


3. You can customize the settings of the Fun’iki Ambient Glasses with a free app that was specifically designed for it. You can assign different types of lights and sounds to different types of notifications.



Here’s a video that you may want to check out:

They have raised above ¥3 million, which is about $30,000, already on their Makuake crowdfunding project page and there is still 30 days left until it finishes. It was said that whoever donated to this project will get a pair of these glasses for  ¥10,000, which is about $100. They get a 50% discount off the regular price of the glasses which is  ¥23,000 (about $230).