Odawara – A little known gem [Hakone]

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A lot of people visiting Tokyo and want to see Fuji-san go to Hakone.. A well know place. But what people do not know is that on the way to Hakone, the city of Odawara stand, between mountain and the sea. You have to get out the train at Odawara to change train and go to Hakone.. So why not make a little walk and visit the Castle?

The best time to visit Odawara for me is April for the Hanami, or on May 3 for the Odawara hojo godai matsuri where you can see an army of 2000 warriors march through the main street. A must seen Matsuri near Tokyo!

I found a blog that speak about the matsuri, have a look if you are interested. ( http://samuraidave.wordpress.com/2007/06/13/often-overlooked-odawara-part-two/ )

So for Today I will introduce the Castle Area, in April.. Enjoy the Sakura ^^