Old hand-painted photos show Japan one century ago

8 years ago by in Entertainment

A collection of 100-year-old hand-painted photos has fascinated Japanophiles due to their beauty and cultural heritage. The photographs were taken around one hundred years ago, at the beginning of the twentieth century by a famous artist, Kōzaburō Tamamura.

The pictures were the first ones ever used in touristic purposes by promoting Japan to the world. They show beautiful details of Japan’s everyday life and landscapes.

Tamamura, a well-known photographer in the Meiji period (1868-1912), was hired to take the photos by a publisher in the United States. The landscapes and the scenes chosen to appeal to foreigners a hundred years ago still keep the old charm today, the local press comments.

Revealing peaceful and serene scenes of the pre-war years, the photos show girls in kimonos working in traditional Japanese house and gardens or playing games, traditional Japanese New Year celebrations and customs that were kept unchanged to the present times and impressive landscapes of Enoshima Island, Arashiyama, and Kyoto’s Kamo River.

The series reveal a unique culture, history and natural beauty of the country that are still attracting foreign tourists today. More pictures can be seen here.