People and government go separate ways on nuclear issue

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4804df71d70bb986f8811aa024ed63a01 People and government go separate ways on nuclear issue

In Japan ordinary people and politicians find themselves more and more in conflict when it comes to the sensitive issue of nuclear power.

Why are the two sides walking divergent paths? Ordinary citizens are increasingly anxious about a nuclear future and organize protest demonstrations, while the government is going back to its comfortable relationship with the nuclear industry, to which it is tied up by deep links, Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail comments in an analysis.

When the new prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda, reversed his predecessor’s declared policy of giving up nuclear power, a number of anti-nuclear member of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan started to feel isolated and ignored.

Noda’s determination to back up nuclear industry once again comes from the old common history of the government and Japanese big utility companies, like Tepco, the operator of the Fukushima crippled nuclear plant. The utility suppliers have for a long time appointed ex-government officials in high positions in their boards, according to the quoted source.

Scared by the huge scale disaster that struck the country this spring, many Japanese feel that the country needs to distance itself as quickly as possible from nuclear power. 60,000 people took part last month in a protest called “Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants”, downtown Tokyo.