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Tokyo.JapanTimes is happy to announce our first Photo / Video competition, which kicks off today.

We are working with the folks at Heartland (one of Tokyo’s coolest bars) and Cerevo (an up-and-coming camera startup company) to put together this competition and host an award party for the folks who really impress both our judges and our community.

Are you a budding shutter bug? Love taking photos or videos around Tokyo? Then read on!

What kind of photos or videos are you looking for?

We have 3 categories: People, Street and Nature in Tokyo.

How do I enter?

It’s simple. All posts to Tokyo.JapanTimes tagged "photocomp" between between April 28th and June 13th will automatically be accepted into the competition. New to this site? Get started by signing up for an account.

We need high-resolution photos (but no more than 3MB each) for printing so make sure you have your camera on a high-rez setting.

If you think this could be a good opportunity for your friends then pass them the link to this page too!

Some important matters

  • If it’s your first time posting, your photos won’t appear on the top page until your account has been approved, which is usually within 24 hours – but sometimes within minutes.
  • If you are submitting a video you will have to first upload your videos to Youtube and then embed the video into your post. If you get stuck or confused, leave a comment inside your post and someone will help you out.
  • Submissions are *open now* and you’ve got until June 13th.
  • If you post pictures of people, make sure you get their permission (If a photo of you popped up in an exhibition without your permission, you wouldn’t be very impressed would you?)
  • Feel free to post as much as you want.
  • Good luck!

The announcement

Winners will be announced on June 19th and we will hold a launch party for the Photo Exhibition at Heartland on July 2nd to celebrate the work of Tokyo lovers.

Thirty of our panelists’ favorite photos and videos will be exhibited at Heartland between July 2nd and July 31st.

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The Prizes:

1 Gold Prize – Dinner for 2 at Chateaux Restaurant Joel Robuchon (anything from the menu up to ¥30,000 yen)

5 Silver Prize – 2 Pizza La coupons (each coupon has a value of ¥2,500 yen)

6 Bronze Prize – 5 beer tickets at Heartland.

Special Prize

The kind folks from Cerevo has given us 3 of their flagship cameras to give away. The camera is wifi-enabled and has the ability to send all the pictures directly to all of your social media accounts online without the need to connect the camera to the computer. Check out their site here Cerevo
Techcrunch has a good report about the camera here

pic cerevocam top21 Photo Competition

We will be giving them away to the top three submissions based on our judges reaction. Cerevo cameras also does live Ustreaming and we will give video submission a bit more preference here.

Fujifilm has kindly joined our competition as a prize sponsor. We now have 3 special limited edition Yone branded Cheki. These are the last 3 limited edition cameras and you can no longer buy or order this from Fujifilm.

splash produkshot1 Photo Competition

Check out Fujifilm‘s link and Lomography‘s intro to the Yone checki.

The cheki camera is instant camera that Yone uses for a lot for his work, and if you are a fan of this work, you’ll want to give add this camera to your arsenal.

Quick introductions to a few of our photo panelists.

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Joseph Tame

On weekdays, Joseph is Production and Marketing Director at Tokyo-based White Rabbit Press, publisher of resources for Japanese language learners. Come the weekend, the Tame goes wild, and can be found indulging in his love of technology, seeking to use it in new and innovative ways to create inclusive, collaborative new media events. Joseph is also Video Content Co-ordinator for TEDxTokyo 2010, and Live Media Consultant for numerous local organisations.
In love with photography since he borrowed his father’s Olympus OM10 at the age of 8, Joseph finds great pleasure in capturing the world around him on SD cards.
Joseph can be found at

- He also tweets at @tamegoeswild

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Yasumasa Yonehara

a.k.a.YONE is an editorialist, creative director, and photographer. During the ’90s, Yone contributed to the first issue of the legendary OUT OF PHOTOGRAPHERS magazine. After EGG, his next big project was SMART GIRLS, for which he started to use small instant cameras to take pictures of girls. This was when he earned a lot of props for his sexy “ERO POP” vision of women.
He was the only artist to use CHEKI (instant camera) in the art world.
His work can be seen on CD covers, in fashion catalogs, etc.
In 2008 he made this first foray into the contemporary art world when he was invited to exhibit at the famous Barry Friedman Art Gallery in New York. 
Visit his site at cexwork

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Edan Corkill

Staff Writer, Entertainment and Features Section, The Japan Times
Edan worked for the Nagasawa Art Park Artist-in-Residence Program, the Mori Art Museum Project Office, and the Mori Art Museum before assuming current position in 2007. Recent feature articles for The Japan Times include "Building a new history in Tokyo " (April 16), "Our man, Mr. Pound " (March 28) and "’Mr. Shiseido’ blends beauty and business " (March 7). He tweets at @jt_edancorkill , blogs on ART-iT and edits the Japanese Art Scene Monitor .