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You can’t miss the little guy in Tokyo, hovering above police cars on the sides of houses, saluting pedestrians from construction site signs and waving at fans from the St Patrick’s day parade. Outside the Tokyo Metropolitan Police museum in Ginza you’ll even find a large mascot welcoming you with open arms.

Pipo-kun is the mascot for the Tokyo police force. He appears on posters and in crime prevention videos as well as on cell phone cases, notepads, erasers, mouse pads, T-shirts and key chains. Born on April 17th, 1987, his name comes from the first two letters of people and police. A combination of several animals, he takes the best parts in order to be the best law-enforcement officer: his large ears help him hear people in trouble, an antennae to catch quick movement and large eyes to watch every corner of society.

He even has a stirring song on his website. you can also find advice, check out some fan art, download colouring pages and even make some cool papercraft vehicles for him to sit in.

To find out about more Japanese mascots please visit Idle Idol.

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Pipo-kun outside the Tokyo Metropolitan Police museum in Ginza.

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Reminding kids of the emergency number and saluting people walking past a construction site.

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Pipo-kun waves at fans at the St Patrick’s day parade in Omotesando.

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He’s on most Koban signs

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Protecting his sister from a pervert and hanging out with his friend Tenken-kun the car inspection mascot.

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A painted sign near Yoyogi station. If anyone can give a good translation of what the red writing means I’d be interested.