Radiation in the water at Fukushima as high as in 2011

7 years ago by in Japan

The radiation in the water leaked from the premises of the Fukushima nuclear power plant is as high as it was during the 2011 disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said Saturday it has detected 2.35 billion becquerels of cesium per liter from water in an underground passage at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that is leaking into the sea. This is roughly the same level as the level of radiation measured in April 2011, shortly after the nuclear disaster the preceding month.

The water sample taken Friday from a trench contained 750 million becquerels of cesium-134 and 1.6 billion becquerels of cesium-137 per liter, while 750 million becquerels of other radioactive substances were detected, according to TEPCO, quoted by Kyodo.

The trench is located below the No. 2 reactor turbine building and is hypothetically the source of the latest leakage into the ocean.

The operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant admitted for the first time, last week,  that the radioactive underground water leaked into the ocean. Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) was studying radioactive water in its monitoring wells since May and recently observed a drop in the radioactivity. This can only mean that the tainted water leaked into the Pacific Ocean.

This confirms what TEPCO officials said earlier this month when they said that radioactive water might have leaked into the Ocean. Still, the company said that no final conclusion can be drawn because they haven’t accumulated enough data.