Restaurant uses robots instead of female dancers

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

japanese-restaurantA Japanese restaurant is using giant female robots instead of real women to dance for its customers. The Robot Restaurant, placed in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Kabukicho red light district, is using 3.6 meter high robots controlled by scantly-clad women.

Customers pay about Y23,000 for the good time provided by the “fembots” at the restaurant. They can even have a sit onto a robot’s lap and control the machine themselves.

It seems to be a strange form of entertainment that attracts both women and men of different ages, the international press comments. Customers can enjoy a robot that is wearing bikini while they are having a tea or a cocktail.

The venue costed about Y10 million. Aside from the “fembots” that are based on the character Valkyrie from the video game Soul Calibur, the restaurant also hosts a nightly cabaret.

In order to promote its new attraction, the restaurant paraded its female robots on the streets of Tokyo. The venue was opened last summer, after spending three years under construction.