Tokyo Dome City

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Tokyo Dome, house of the giant ( if you know a bit about baseball).. a nice place to pass a day.

Tokyo Dome city is composed by the Tokyo Dome it self.. a big stadium, for baseball match or concert.. a cool amusement park, with tons of nice attractions.. but the star is the thunder dolphin for sure!.. will speak about it latter on the article.. a big shopping mall ( Laqua ) and many many restaurant ( chinese, indian, japanese, americain…) and one of the best place to eat spare ribs!!!! just in front of the jump shop ( for the manga/anime lovers)

ok so let s start with a video on the Thunder dolphin sama it self! .. I was a bit scary to film while riding the monster haha.. if you allready took a ride on it, you know what I mean ( the first slope ^^;) the best thing about the thunder dolphin is the view you get on Tokyo from the top.. very cool.. ( yes I know you will say that you have the same view on the ferris wheel.. but no.. with the speed of the thunder dolphin is a completly different view on the city icon biggrin Tokyo Dome City

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Thunder dolphin

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People waiting for their IDOL .. I forget the name of the girl, but they were very excited, jumping like crazy rabbit during the concert..
I don’t have any photos or video from this concert because it was forbidden.. I tried to, but a guy in black suit came and ask me to delete photo or/and video..
they don’t joke with this, even if I don’t understand why?…

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thunder dolphin passing through the shopping mall wall..

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ferris wheel ^^..

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you can find everything about baseball in the area.. lot of shop, selling only baseball stuff

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what are you looking little boy?

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the tokyo dome hotel in the background

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well, to change a little bit.. here is a photo of my wife and myself icon razz Tokyo Dome City

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Strange sculpture

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47e2313cdb506d14b5f684008e9547431 Tokyo Dome City
a736e5a2789c4d26c2e83562d3b725191 Tokyo Dome City

thin building

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the river passing by

743c6c7bb4185961a7f59537d04d70691 Tokyo Dome City

seller in the street

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thank you ^^;

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Suidobashi station

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and for the last one, enjoy my moving wheel… took photos from the same position for about 30min.. then made the animation..

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