Tokyo Fashion Pets

4 years ago by in Travel

One of the thing I see the most in Japan is, dog wearing clothes. At leat 70% of the dog you will see are fashion addict ^^

One of the most funny thing that hapen to me since I am living in Japan is a story about a dog..

One day, I was returning to my house after work.. it was a 大雨天気でした ( hard rain weather), and I forgot my umbrella!.. so I was walking very fast ( I am working at 15min by foot from home, so it s ok) and then, at a corner, I saw a Labrador dog..alone.. wearing a rain jacket, and wearing an umbrella with a system to hang around his neck!!
The dog looked me as if he laughed at me.. saying.. hehe yes you are not crazy, I am wearing an umbrella and a rain jacket!… and you’re completely soaked.

here are some video I took on Yoyogi park.. you can see different kind of dog, with nice clothes.. even a doberman with a military jacket! ちょっとこわかったです ^^

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they are considered like little baby..