Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

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Hi everyone!

I have been reading Tokyo.Japan Times articles since its debut, which kindled my wish to go and visit Tokyo, and Japan. And at last, I managed to spend two wonderful weeks last month, in July, both in Tokyo and Kyoto.
So, I just wanted to share some of my snapshots taken during the few days I was in Tokyo, as a thanks.
This article is a bit random, and the pictures are those taken by a frenchy tourist completely swamped by the sumptuousness of the city, that is to say me ^^
But I hope you will appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

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Kototoi-bashi on the Sumidagawa, and the Tokyo Sky Tree under construction.

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Shinkōtsū Yurikamome line. I rode this magic line on my first day in Tokyo to see what Odaiba looks like, and to have a peek at Tokyo Big Sight. The view along the line is really wonderful, as one can admire the Tokyo Bay, the Rainbow Bridge, and various places of Odaiba island.
And another funny thing, especially for anime lovers, is that all the stations use the recorded voices of different seiyuu for their announcements. I managed to recognize some.

b82431197225264674dbe602612defb31 Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

Tokyo Big Sight. Always saw pictures of this huge building, so I really wanted to go and see it by myself. Really impressive.

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Buildings in front of Tokyo Big Sight. Love those big red cranes. Spotted a lot of them all around Tokyo. Reminds me a lot of Mirror’s Edge game.

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A kōban in Shibuya, one of those small neighborhood police station found in every district in Japan. This one has a lovely structure.

20061354332cf6e5f0951296f06304be1 Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

First experience in the Tokyo metro. The most funny thing is the countless ads for beers stuck everywhere in the train or screened on the tiny monitors. Does Japan love beer that much?

b56f269824e3b5b7f74d7cc24cdc58291 Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

Shinagawa station. Photo taken on July 20th, 8:13 JST. Horde of people back to work after a long weekend – the 19th was Umi no Hi (Marine Day).
Seeing all this organised crowd walking steadily was really impressive. A real anthill, if you allow me the comparison.

56a7489bed69a14ca09159259d3583271 Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

Had a little tour of the heart of the city, in Chiyoda district. Just after leaving the Tokyo station on Yamanote line, by heading directly to the Imperial Palace, I arrived at the Wadakura Funsui Koen, which is part of the Palace outer garden.

935df6b14cd048b0871351f6151ff3c71 Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

A lovely foutain park, and it was nice to enjoy those water-jets during a hot summer day. Those huge buildings behind were impressive as well.

9bf9725e13a4b5b6e6409053029174371 Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

Walked a bit around the Imperial Palace outer garden, and could admire the Kōkyo Seimon Ishibashi (Imperial Palace Main Gate Stone Bridge) and the Fushimi Yagura behind. This tower is said to have been moved from Kyoto Fushimi castle in 1628!

5fee359484b86f9bfe625bd5a136d0261 Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

Hello Kitty itasha bus spotted.

ff03e664ae4c5ce761e4bec977e4f1851 Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

This sushi-ya is located near the Ebisu JR station. Had a great time enjoying for the first some wonderful sushis. I like how the chiefs stand in the middle and prepare the sushi just in front of you.

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While visiting Ueno Kōen, I spotted this sanctuary, a bit isolated from the main path leading to the Bentendō.
I don’t really know its purpose, but I couldn’t help taking a picture of this lovely scene, emphasized thanks to this lady in a middle of a prayer.

b8726a57522852ad7928923609c1497f1 Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

A family enjoying a jinrikisha ride, along Sumidagawa.

e59607bbc645e0fd9134fdbe45e48af01 Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

While walking along the Sumidagawa, near Asakusa district, I happened to spot this funny and completely unexpected view of the Tokyo Sky Tree reflection in the golden building of Asahi breweries headquarters.

Actually there is a little story behind this snap. Along the tree-shaded path following Sumidagawa, I passed a man who addressed me showing his cellphone. T’was a bit hard to understand what he wanted, but by looking at his screen, I realised he was showing the photo he had just taken of the Tokyo Sky Tree reflection in the building’s golden windows.
And maybe because he saw my camera, he showed the way to the unique spot from where this photo could be taken, and encouraged me to do so. A great example of generosity. Thank you again dear sir.

4465c24ab8e3c349c3833e160638b9231 Tokyo, from Frenchy Eyes

Typical secondary street around Asakusa district, with a small shino shrine in the middle of buildings. Completely lovely. This is definitely what I enjoyed the most in Tokyo, and even in Kyoto where I went few days later.

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Asakusa-dori, long and large street going through Asakusa district, from Ueno station to Sumidagawa.

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To sum up, Tokyo is hot! in every meaning of the word ^^

Thanks again for reading. If I may, the original articles live here at my lil’ blog.