Tokyo Marathon 2011

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The Tokyo Marathon will be held on February 27th and if you don’t have the chance to be there, don’t worry!
the iRun Man a.k.a Joseph Tame will show you the race like you never seen it before!

On my video here Joseph Tame ( @tamegoeswild ) shows us his original invention the ‘iRun’ – a portable social media studio, featuring four iPhones, an iPad, an iPod, an Android handset, three pocket wifi units and a bird-feeding dish configured to connect to multiple mobile phone networks. In addition to live streaming video, the iRun has built-in support for Twitter, Runkeeper (live GPS tracking and heart-rate info), FaceTime & Skype, in addition to a mini-weather station which streams data for temperature, CO2, noise and humidity levels.

On Feb 27th 2011 Joseph will use the iRun to share with the entire world the unforgettable experience of running the full Tokyo Marathon.

Join him on the day at – viewers are invited to actively participate via Twitter: send in your message of support or request for a haiku recital via Twitter.

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