Tokyo’s brides buy 3D printed clones as memory of wedding day

8 years ago by in Entertainment

There is a new trend among the Japanese brides and that is buying 3D dolls that look just like them as they appear on their wedding day. The Clone Factory in Akihabara district of Tokyo creates versions of real people and even pets.

To create a 3D print it takes multiple digital SLR cameras taking photos of a person’s or pet’s head from different angles, computers stitching the pictures and data together and a special 3D printer that puts layers of plaster and ink one on top of the other and creates 3D sculptures.

A 3D printed replica of a bride costs Y138,000 ( around $1,460) and clones the real woman’s hair, make-up and even the dress she wore at her wedding.

Smoother surfaces can be achieved by using more expensive printers such as one called Digital Wax, which prints baby smooth surfaces.

Although some may say that the final products look a bit weird, Tokyo’s brides see 3D replicas as a popular way of preserving a special moment in their life, the international press comments.

The Clone Factory advices possible clients from abroad to make an order a few days in  advance of their trip, as the factory needs time to prepare.