Toyota opens all plants at half capacity

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c110b0bd300d72d449eb8c889d0251141 Toyota opens all plants at half capacity

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Some Japanese workers were back on the job Monday as Toyota resumed production at all of its manufacturing plants in Japan for the first time since the March 11 disaster.

However, the good news was slightly dampened by the fact that all the plants are at half production. At a press conference, the world’s largest car maker said it was unsure of when it would be able to resume full production in Japan. Since the disaster, Toyota has only been operating three plants in Japan. According to an article by the BBC, the company has suffered a production loss of 260,000 vehicles

The worst hit out of all Toyota’s facilities was also its newest, which was located in Miyagi Prefecture. The 900 employees, who went back to work on Monday, observed a moment of silence in memory of the victims who died in country’s worst natural disaster. More than 8,400 people have been killed in the Miyagi region. According to an article by the Press Association, the car company is expected to keep production at its current levels until April 27. It will halt all its manufacturing from April 28 to May 9 during the golden week holiday period. The company is expected develop a production plan in the weeks after the holiday. [BBC] [AP]