U.S. condemns China’s use of force in the Senkaku Islands dispute

7 years ago by in World

The U.S. Senate unanimously adopted a resolution that condemns China’s use of force in the territorial dispute the country has with Japan, over the Senkaku Islands.

“The Senate condemns the use of coercion, threats, or force by naval, maritime security, or fishing vessels and military or civilian aircraft in the South China Sea and the East China Sea to assert disputed maritime or territorial claims or alter the status quo,” the resolution quoted by Kyodo said.

The Senate resolution follows continued intrusions by Chinese vessels in waters near the Japanese-administeredSenkakuIslands, claimed by China. This action ignores U.S. President Barack Obama’s call at a summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping in June for China to exercise self-restraint.

The Senkaku Islands located in the East China Sea are at the root of a long term dispute between Japan and China. The tensions resumed after Japan decided to nationalize some of these islands. Earlier on, China sent military vessels in the area – an act that Japan saw as means of intimidation even though the former country stated that the ships were part of a military exercise.