U.S. think tank advises Japan gov. to improve communication skills

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0f5d310af36a76a2e69d7c1447dbd0531 U.S. think tank advises Japan gov. to improve communication skills

An American team of experts from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has advised Japan on the priorities it should follow in order to recover faster after the natural disasters that wrecked the country this March.

An increase in the country’s nuclear credibility, as well as a flexible set of rapid economic measures, are steps Japan should quickly take, according to the CSIS conclusions.

Currently, Japan is facing nation-wide anxiety over radiation exposure and an independent, international study of the problem is urgently required, the think tank team says. The cause of the public’s mistrust in the authorities "stems from inconsistent safety standards, confusing communications, a lack of adequate preparedness programs, public admissions by the Japanese government that data was withheld at points in the crisis, the discovery of multiple inland ‘hot spots’ far from the coastal nuclear plants, and a revised estimate showing that the radiation released was twice what had originally been acknowledged."

On the economy side, CSIS believes that the natural disasters "illuminated several challenges Japan was already facing, such as deflation, an aging society, and massive public debt." It warned that the country must now solve the "difficult balancing act" between stimulus measures and reduction of the debt.