Unemployment worsens mental health of Japanese graduates

8 years ago by in Featured, Japan

Japanese youngsters who graduate from universities find it more and more difficult to secure jobs. One of the most severe consequences is depression and other more serious mental problems which can lead to suicide.

Suicide rates among people around the age of 20 have increased by 250 percent since 2007, mainly because the youngsters find it more difficult to get full time jobs.

Last year, 150 people committed suicide with unemployment as main reason, data from the National Police Agency revealed. About 80 percent of them were male, this underlining the additional role of status in a society where a large part of who you are is defined by who you work for, according to AsianCorrespondent.com.

In an effort to counterbalance the problem, the government announced it would place several branches of its employment service Hello Work at universities.

Japan will return to being an insignificant country in the Far East if the economic stagnation will not be overturned in the next decades, according to a recent study from the 21st Century Public Policy Institute.