World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree sparkles in Tokyo

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91d924bf58035ad8b618eea1c5cefd601 Worlds Most Expensive Christmas Tree sparkles in Tokyo

Christmas is definitely in the air as brightly colored holiday decorations abound in homes and establishments. In the spirit of Christmas, Japan takes the most iconic of Christmas adornment to the max.

A $2 million Christmas tree can be seen in the country’s capital displayed at the very expensive Ginza Tanaka jewelry store in Tokyo’s Ginza district. Standing eight feet tall, with embellishments of 60 heart shapes and 100 ribbons all made of pure gold, it is dubbed as the “Golden Tree”.

Undoubtedly, the very pricey Christmas tree is Japan’s version of the world-famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree which has drawn many people from around the world. The Christmas tree has attracted crowds in Japan since it was first put on display last week and has become a tourist attraction in Tokyo’s glamorous shopping district.

The World Records Academy recognized Japan’s 2 million dollar-golden tree as the World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree.

Shogo Kariyazaki, a floral arrangement artist in the country created it with a vision to outshine the previously $850,000 worth of Christmas tree the jewelry store featured in 2006.

While the value of the gold used in the tree amounts to $750,000, the store’s marketing manager, Naoto Mizuki, was quoted saying “Considering the time it took to make, the designer and the hard work put into it, we can assume that the cost of this tree would be approximately ($2 million).”