XMA in Tokyo

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I have a huge love for Martial Arts. It started with Jackie Chan and Police Story and around 1991 I saw something called XMA. I was watching this guy on TV and he was doing things that just plain amazed me.

His name is Mike Chat

When I first came to Japan I had an image of Japan as a country of Karate and Kimono’s. No joke! I was really surprised how little martial arts plays in modern Japanese culture and how few dojos there are now in Japan.

I was interested in finding someone who did XMA in particular, and I started contacting people on youtube. I befriended a guy by the name of Kanbe Yutaka and he introduced me to his crew.

Last Sunday I was joined by the most excellent photographer Derek Arnwine who shot and edited this video.

I wish I had a Canon 7D too >_<

4488559461 7cb137eb91 o1 XMA in Tokyo

This is Kambe in Ninja form, where you will see Danny Choo dancing on the streets of Tokyo, Kambe will probably be hidden in the shadows.

4489206332 559bf7e75c o1 XMA in Tokyo

Every once in a while he will reveal his true face and play with a pink rope. Although he is a trained assassin, his choice in weapon color needs a little work.

4488559651 97c541356f o1 XMA in Tokyo

Here he is teaching the art of being alluring to one of his students.

4489206528 72ec89f89d o1 XMA in Tokyo

When his ninja girlfriend saw him being a little too feminine, she decided to take him out.

4488559807 337531ab82 o1 XMA in Tokyo

Meet Sugi, he is a stuntman with the Japan Action Club the club formed by Sonny Chiba from Kill Bill and grew up talents like Hiroyuki Sanada from Last Samurai and Lost.

4489206702 51d420f841 o1 XMA in Tokyo

This is Aya, she is Gymnast and and stunt woman in training.

4488559945 bd68610e2a o1 XMA in Tokyo

Sugi san has a very good sense action choreography, and has a thing for experimenting with different art forms.

4488560037 6657a2fd56 o1 XMA in Tokyo

Meet Natsu, a rhythmic gymnast and incredibly bendy lady.

4488560129 73573b199d o1 XMA in Tokyo

Random dog in Odaiba. no relation to the stunt team. Just thought you might like his cool outfit.

4488560157 e05481e2f0 o1 XMA in Tokyo

This Kuni san – he is also a rhythmic gymnast, he has incredible balance.

4488560247 da8e691d1d o1 XMA in Tokyo
4489207190 5eef04ff14 o1 XMA in Tokyo

This reminds me of a picture of Ryu from Street Fighter 2

4488560405 a005fd5540 o1 XMA in Tokyo

I think this is his trademark pose. I’m still working on mine, maybe the I should use the prairie dog pose.

4489207366 091f642235 o1 XMA in Tokyo
4489207448 6289ff3924 o1 XMA in Tokyo

This is how the guys choose to relax on a Sunday.

4488560645 7edd221632 o1 XMA in Tokyo

Once, one of these guys climbs the tree.

4488560729 c0424e98a7 o1 XMA in Tokyo

Everyone else wants to climb the tree

4489207698 3c6c331701 o1 XMA in Tokyo

See what I mean?

4489207780 ab21869cab o1 XMA in Tokyo

Sugi san insisted he had to kick the air from the top of a tree for no particular reason. I think it’s a ninja thing.

4489207866 fe5fdf5282 o1 XMA in Tokyo

Sugi san wanted to convince one of the girls to do the splits. No one knew why until he decided to jump over her.

4488561055 5603f50b30 o1 XMA in Tokyo

Again, this becomes a bit infectious amongst the Ninja crowd and then everyone wanted a piece of the action.

4488561131 7ea5e43f64 o1 XMA in Tokyo

This is the new performance team put together by Kambe. Will keep you posted when they announce anything. If you are interested in learning XMA and this form of fighting you can try Studio Bos

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