200-sq-meter toilet opens in Japan [VIDEO]

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

A public toilet which costs about Y10 million ($123,000) was opened in Chiba, Japan. However, not only the price tag makes it special. The glassed-in cubicle is surrounded by a 200 sq meter garden, making it the largest public toilet in the world, according to its creators.

The toilet, designed by architect Sou Fujimoto, is surrounded by a cherry, plum, and peach trees garden, protected by a two-meter high fence.

The natural landscape can however only be enjoyed by women, as the toilet is available for use by women only.

“The area around the station has an incredible natural beauty,” architect Fujimoto said.

“We wanted for those who used the toilet to enjoy this scenery and that feeling of release.”

You can watch below a presentation video of the facility.