21 More Japanese Inventions That You Might Think Absurd

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1) Do you have aquaphobia? Don’t worry… the water wouldn’t be able to reach you when you have this invention.

If you live in Japan, you might not even think that the inventions are weird. To you it might seem like a normal thing. But, for those who don’t live in Japan, it might be difficult understanding what the items they invented are used for. A lot of things can be lost in translation. Though it doesn’t mean that all cultures aren’t unique. All cultures are very unique in their own ways. Previously, there has been another post about some of the Japanese inventions. Well, that wasn’t all of it, here are some that you might have never even seen or heard about. Yet, I still don’t understand why these types of Japanese inventions even exist because it looks a bit… well… not right.


2) For those who have trouble hearing anything at all… here ya go.
3) Interested in looking at the inside of your ears for whatever reason?
4) Toilet paper on the go.
5) So you lean forward on it but what if you fall backwards?
6) Do you love bubble wrap and always want to have it with you at all times? Now you can!
7) Now you won’t ever miss your eyes again when putting eye-drops. (Why is she wearing glasses though?)
8) It’s selfie time!
9) Want a sound catcher to catch well… sounds?
10) Now that’s useful! Where can I get one?
11) Do you love karaoke but too shy to let other people hear you?
12) This little fellow lets you know the temperature of your soup.
13) Did you peel a banana but you’re too full to finish it? Save it for later!
14) For those who don’t want to carry a small lighter but would like something bigger.
15) Did you recently have a bad experience falling asleep on a random stranger because you couldn’t keep your head up? Well, with this, it’ll keep your head up while you sleep.
16) Are you too tired or lazy to stand up when peeing? (Okay… now this is weird.)
17) To women: Are you forever alone? Now, you don’t have to be alone!
18) Don’t sweat, I didn’t forget about you guys…
19) Are you like Paula Deen and just absolutely love butter?!
20) Don’t you just hate it when your hair goes in your soup?
21) Um… want a wedding countdown? 
22) Excuse me sir, are there any other shapes beside square? I’m feelin’ a rectangle tonight.

Until now I still don’t understand why any of these exist but then it’s more confusing why anyone would buy any of them. And yes, people do buy these things. Which one would you buy and why? Let us know!
Source: Just Something