North Korea Has Instagram, Here’s 34 Of Their Best Photos

6 years ago by in Korea

These are Instagram pictures that were taken in North Korea by David Guttenfelder. He is an associated press chief photographer in Asia. He took Instagram pictures as he spent time in North Korea.

1) Apartment buildings standing above the schoolyard playground equipment. Picture taken in a kindergarten school in Pyongyang, North Korea.


2) A gas station in Hamhung, North Korea. 1

3) Advertisement billboard near railroad tracks in Rajin, North Korea.  2

4) A picture of David’s in-flight meal on North Korean airline. 3

5) Shelf filled with drinking cups and a medical kit stacked on top of the shelf in a clothing factory. Rason, North Korea.4

6) Students having a picnic in Wonsan, North Korea.5

7) David’s hotel view in Chongjin, North Korea. 6

8) A PC station in Rajin, North Korea. 7

9) The inside of David’s hotel room in Chongjin, North Korea. 8

10) His late dinner was dried fish and beer in Tanchon, North Korea. 9

11) A farmer pulling a wagon along the countryside  in Orang county. 10

12) Residents making their way along the road in a small town near the city of Wonsan. 11

13) The city view of Pyongyang at 6:30 AM. The glowing thing is an illuminated portraits of the late North Korean leaders named Kim II Sung and Kim Jong II

. 12

14) Picture of the arrival and baggage claim section of Pyongyang, North Korea airport.13

15) The Koryo Hotel lobby.


16) Air Koryo, North Korea airline. David boarded the flight JS221 going to Beijing.  15

17) A North Korean Unha-3 rocket look-a-like in Pyongyan. They made the park swing look like North Korea’s rocket that was successfully launched in 2012.


18) A gift shop in Pyongyang, North Korea. 17

19) A man resting along the road near Kaesong. 18

20) Lunch in Kaesong, DPRK.


21) Children in the field in front of a village east of Kaesong. 20

22) Farmers working hard in a field near the DMZ which is east of Kaesong. 21

23) An art class in Pyongyang.


24) A waiting area in Pyongyang.


25) A restaurant in The Koryo Hotel in Pyongyan, North Korea. 24

26) Students attending a concert at Mangyondate Children’s Palace located in Pyongyang. 25

27) Pyongyang life.


28) A small stall selling kegs of beer and stuffed animals at the entrance of Pyongyang Golden Lane bowling alley. 27

29) A man controlling the sound board for a upcoming performance in front of the Kumgangsan mountain range at the Pyongyang Folk Park.


30) Students in an English language study class in Pyongyang. They were currently studying the word “who”. 29
31)  A Duty Free store in Pyongyang International Airport. 


32) A North Korean woman hailed a taxi in Pyongyang.


33) Some bar snacks in Pyongyang, North Korea.


34) A North Korean TV host explaining the plot of the movie Madagascar before it even came out.