3D printing is getting big in Japan

8 years ago by in Business

3D printing industry is developing in Japan, with many entrepreneurs giving up their stable jobs to join businesses based on such technology.

Junichiro Asami, 38, who used to work as a management consultant at Deloitte, is sure about the success of 3D printing, potentially a game changing technology that will allow households and companies to bypass manufacturers by producing their own parts and goods.

“I expect that entire business models and manufacturing systems will have to change to adapt to the 3D printer,” Asami said.

When it comes to 3D printers, the Japanese economy ministry sees potential. It is pushing for Y4.5 billion ($44 million) to be included in the budget to subsidize development of high-end 3D printers, according to the international press.

3D printing is likely to develop in certain areas such as medical devices.

On a global level, the 3D printer market is already dominated by the United States and Germany, with 75 percent and 15 percent market share, respectively. At the moment, Japan’s share is just 0.3 percent.

“Japan needs a more fluid labor market, where people can quit a major company, start their own and get re-hired somewhere else if they fail,” said Mariko Obayashi, 50, who runs a 3D printer business.

“A lot of Japanese people think entrepreneurs are strange, but they are good for the economy.”