Over 4-meter-long squid found by Japanese fisherman

6 years ago by in Entertainment

A giant squid has been found by a fisherman in his net while fishing close to the coast of Sadogashima island in Japan.

Shigenori Goto, the local fisherman, said he found the 4.1-meter-long squid on his fix nets on Wednesday morning. The squid was still alive at that time, but it eventually died while being brought to the surface.

The squid was caught at a depth of around 70 meters underwater, where Goto placed his nets to catch Japanese amberjack, according to the international press .

“When I hauled up the net, the squid slowly came floating up,” Goto said. “This is the first time I have seen such a large squid.”

The invertebrate was a male and weighed 150 kilograms. It was taken to a local government marine research institute in Niigata, so the experts could study the specimen.

Giant squid are among the largest invertebrates, and most mysterious creatures, in the world – the biggest ever recorded by scientists was almost 13 meters long. They can reach a weigh of up to a ton. They usually live deep down into the oceans.

As cephalopods, squid have relatively high intelligence among invertebrates, with some of its species being able to hunt in groups, using active communication.