8 Things Japan Probably Does Better Than Your Country

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OK. So Japan invented Anime, but no one has been able to catch up yet. Many successful American cartoons were based off of Japanese anime. Pokemon…

Some people argue that Japan’s game industry is spiraling into a death spin, but Japan’s gaming industry still managed to generate more than $10B USD last year. Oh the pain they must be feeling.


No country in the world has a more sophisticated transportation system than Japan does. Japan’s transportation infrastructure is so ahead of the curve that it sets the standard for all other countries.

Despite the Fukushima disaster, the main driver to Japan is food tourism. Japan has more Michelin rated restaurants than any country in the world out side of France.

The largest car exporter in the world. Everyone knows someone that owns a Japanese car. Recently exports from Japan to China have been increasing.

Japan has built robots for everything! Elderly care, driving, and even policing.

Japanese electronics companies have been taking a beating lately, but the industry is still a inspiration and attraction to many who visit Japan.