More than 80% of Japanese concerned about food security

6 years ago by in Japan

Over 80 percent of Japan’s public is worried about the country’s food supply, according to a Cabinet Office survey.

The survey, held in January, said 83 percent of the respondents are worried about this issue, compared to the result obtained in 2006, which was 6.3 points lower.

On the other hand, 15.7 percent showed little or no concern, the local press said, citing Kyodo news agency.

Of those concerned, 82.4 percent cited the drop in food capacity caused by Japan’s shrinking farmland and aging farmers. Poor harvests were as well a reason of concern for 61.5 percent of the interviewed, who mentioned extreme weather, disasters and global warming as the main causes.

The survey also found that most of the public would prefer Japan be self-sufficient in at least staple foods, such as rice. More than half of the respondents (53.8 percent) said they would prefer staples to be produced locally, despite the price being higher.

The survey interviewed 3,000 adults from January 9 to 19 and drew valid responses from 59.4 percent.