Abe, not efficient for Japan’s economy – poll

6 years ago by in Japan, Politics

More than 80 percent of the Japanese eligible voters think that the Japanese economy has not improved under Shinzo Abe’s administration, despite the Prime Minister’s economic policies that are focused on overcoming chronic deflation, a Kyodo News survey showed on Sunday.

Still, the approval rating for Abe’s Cabinet remains high at 72.1 percent, up 1.0 percentage point from the previous poll and topping 70 percent for the third time since his Liberal Democratic Party came to power in December, according to Kyodo news agency.

The survey, conducted over the weekend, also showed that around 69 percent of the interviewed think their income will not rise due to Abe’s economic measures, such as the promotion of monetary easing by the central bank, while 24.1 percent think that it will.

One of Abe’s most recent economic measures was discussed last week, when the prime minister expressed his intention to improve the national economy by establishing special economic zones in the nation’s three major metropolitan areas – Tokyo, Osaka and Aichi -, aiming to boost investment and attract foreign businesses to Japan.