“Abenomics Bra” to boost more than Japan’s economy

6 years ago by in Japan

The Japanese lingerie maker Triumph International unveiled on Wednesday, in Tokyo, a special kind of bra inspired by Shinzo Abe’s efforts to improve the country’s economy. The new edition bra is called “the Branomics Bra” after “Abenomics” and promises to give ladies a “boost”.

Triumph spokeswoman Keiko Masuda said that, in the past, the company created lingerie focused on important events in Japan, such as the “Support Japan Bra” carrying messages of encouragement during the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster. The “Branomics Bra” was created to salute Abe’s economic revival plan, the spokeswoman said.

“To link in with ‘Abenomics’ and its three arrows of growth economic strategy, we decided to create something aimed at women. So with that in mind, we came up with the ‘Branomics Bra’,” said Masuda.

The bra’s motifs include an upward pointing arrow to suggest the country’s growing economy, as well as pads that will boost bra cups by 2 percent” – a play on Abe’s 2 percent inflation target, the international press reports.

Although it supports the idea of a growing economy in Japan, the bra will not go on sale. It will be used instead as part of an advertising campaign.