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The Tokyo Times brand dates back to the 1800’s when Japan based journalist Edward H. House founded the English weekly, Tokio Times. The version of this news site you are viewing now was created in 2009 as a community portal for expatriates living in Tokyo and those interested in Japan. The primary goal of the site at that time was to share experiences from Japan through user photos and journal entries.

The Japan Times

The operations of The Tokyo Times is managed by Land Rush Group, for the current trademark owners. Land Rush Group is the same company that managed all the digital operations for The Japan Times from 2008-2010.

Japan’s March 11th Earth Quake

The turning point for The Tokyo Times was the events of March 11th. Frustrated with by the lack of The Japan Times management team to quickly respond to the needs of foreigners living in Tokyo and people from abroad seeking accurate information about the events after the earth-quake in Japan, Land Rush Group and a team of former Japan Times editors and journalist began updating The Tokyo Times website with the most timely information about the events at that time.

Social Media

The strategy for The Tokyo Times from its earliest incarnations was to delivery content that people interested in Japan depend on and to deliverer it to them where they are. So the technology behind this site and the growth of the news portal relies heavily on social media marketing and activities like Twitter and Facebook.

The Team

  • Publisher: Martin Williams martin@tokyotimes.jp
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  • Technology Editor: Mihai Mu mihai@tokyotimes.jp
  • Business Editor: Neils Christensen neils@tokyotimes.jp

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Miki Akimoto miki@tokyotimes.jp
Todd Wilks todd@tokyotimes.jp
Ed Bensonn eddy@tokyotimes.jp

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