Little Adorable Japanese Girl Who Loves Food Will Melt Your Heart

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A cute little Japanese girl named Rino has her own YouTube series called “Rino which eats world various dishes”. Her mom cooks different types of dishes from all over the world and makes her daughter eat it. Rino LOVES everything her mama cooks and you can tell in her videos.


Each of the video will contain the food preparation. All the videos show different dishes from all over the world. It can be Asian food or Mexican food and so forth. Then you will see many shots of little cute Rino happily enjoying the food her mama cooked.



Each videos have descriptions of what the mom cooked and things about Rino. For example, one of her videos had a description that said, “The mom cooking a Spanish dish to her. Rino and dad say very delicious and it was popular. In familiar materials, I was able to easily cook it deliciously. It became a staple dish in my home.” It’s nice to know how the mom makes descriptions for each videos stating what she made. In a few of her videos, her cute baby brother shows up and Rino’s parents trick her into thinking that the baby brother wants some of what she’s eating. Rino doesn’t like to share because she finds the food absolutely yummy.


Below you will see a gif of the mom opening the bowl that contains what looks like noodles. Little Rino happily dances as the mom reveals the dish to her. Looks delicious!


In America, many parents have trouble making their kids eat certain foods such as vegetables and even seafood. But, look at little Rino enjoying her shrimp.


It’s amazing how Rino’s mom teaches Rino how to eat all different types of dishes from all over the world. It’s also amazing how she made a channel just for that. Not only does little cute Rino have a channel but the mom has her own channel where she cooks.

Source: Michele Humes

Source: In case you want to see little cute Rino’s channel: “Rino which eats world various dishes”