The Aftermath Of Women Getting Plastic Surgery In Korea

7 years ago by in Korea

Ji Yeo, a Brookyln-based photographer captured amazing powerful images for her series called “Beauty Recovery Room”. The images show the price some South Korean women are willing to pay in order to adhere to social pressures happening in their country. All of these pictures were taken after each of the woman’s plastic surgery procedure. It gives us the chance to see the aftermath of those women who recently got plastic surgery.
According to Ji Yeo, plastic surgery has become a part of Korea’s culture. Getting a plastic surgery is often regarded as a step in the self improvement process.the_beauty_015-620x

Yeo believes that the reason why women get plastic surgery is because of the male-dominated media that is always reinforcing its model of the ideal woman. 

The women in Korea focuses mostly on facial adjustments, making their eyes bigger and wider. They also focus on minimizing their cheekbones and jaw lines, and making their nose higher and more narrow.

To them, these surgery procedures are no longer risky but a regular piece of life.

It can take up to weeks to heal from their surgeries. Also, there’s a possibility of getting an infection.

Yeo believes that people in Korea are judged more for their appearance than their personality. 

If you see images like these, it’s hard not to believe it.

In exchange of taking care of these women, the women allowed Yeo to take portrait pictures of each of them. Yeo cooked them soup and gave them medication.

She also gained VIP access into their lives following their surgeries where she had witnessed the long road to recovery and to perfection.

Even though getting a plastic surgery is painful, these woman still had plans for future procedures.
It’s truly sad how social pressure is strong enough to make these woman feel uncomfortable with their own body. They feel the need to get plastic surgeries in order to become an “ideal” woman.
Source: Ji Yeo’s work here.
Source: Ignant