Animation movies conquered Japan in 2013

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According to the box office in Japan, seven of the top ten best-earning movies in 2013 were animated, while Hollywood productions struggled to create an echo in the market they dominated around 10 years ago.

The movie that topped the list of the best-earning films was “The Wind Rises”, of which director and screenwriter Hayao Miyazaki said is his last feature. The movie earned $116.1 million.

On the second place came “Monsters University” with $89 million, representing almost 20 percent of its overseas total for Disney/Pixar, the international press reports.

“Ted”, the movie about a hippie teddy bear, came on a surprising third place, because although the Japanese love all things that are cute and fluffy, a foul-mouthed, beer-swilling, weed-smoking teddy bear was not the most predictable star of the year’s biggest earning live-action production. The movie earned $41.5 million.

Fourth place was taken by “Doraemon” anime, while other popular anime franchises such as “Detective Conan”, “Pokemon” and “Dragon Ball” all made the top ten.

The last place in the Japanese box office was taken by “Wreck-It Ralph”, with $29.3 million.