Anime Movies You Haven’t Seen But Should

6 years ago by in Entertainment

Origins: Spirits of the Past

This film takes place on a future planet Earth. On this future Earth, genetically engineered plants control much of the biosphere. Two friends become hero’s of the human race when they make a discovery that gets them caught up in the war between radical humans and sapient plants.




With art deco styling and swing style jazz music throughout, Metropolis is a layered city that looks like a cross between Blade Runner and a scene out of Sonic 2. Robots serve humans as a lower cast within the working class. A boy named Keichi and his uncle enter a world of mystery when they discover a newly developed robot girl named Tima who could be an important bridge between the two worlds.



The Rebuild of Evangelion

This is a four part remake of the TV series Evangelion. Only three parts have been released so far. It covers the same story arc as the original Evangelion but its animation is stunning.




Memories is actually three separate science-fiction stories. The first is Magnetic Rose where four space travelers are drawn into an abandoned spaceship that contains a world created entirely by one woman’s memories. In “Stink Bomb” a lab assistant is transformed into a biological weapon headed for Tokyo. And “Cannon Fodder” is about the life of a city whose only purpose is to fire cannons at an unseen enemy…awesome.



Wings of Honneasmise

This is a story about a young astronaut who had participated in a space program. The show was well animated and had an interesting yet wonderful world.



A Letter to Momo

This particular anime is about a shy, imaginative 11 year old who had a traumatizing experience. Her father had recently died and ever since that happened, her life has gone through extreme changes. She had been living in Tokyo but Momo’s family decided to move to her mother’s childhood home which is on an island called Shio. There she stumbled upon a different world of beings.




A dejected soul was informed that he is one of the lucky ones when he died. Luckily, they meant that he is going to be given another chance to live. He is then placed inside the body of a 14 year old boy named Makoto Kobayashi who had just recently committed suicide. As he lives inside the boy’s body, he is constantly being watched over by a neutral spirit named Purapura. Before his time of being inside Makota’s body runs out, he must be able to figure out what his greatest sin and mistakes were in his former life.



Mind Game

One of the most brilliant animated movies ever created. The way the animators made this anime is astonishing. The animation and story were both uniquely done.



Sword of the Stranger

This anime is about a young boy who is being hunted by a group of swordsmen from Ming Dynasty China for unknown reasons. In the group is a Westerner named Luo-Lang who only wants to fight a worthy opponent. Later on, Kotaro and his best friend dog met Nanashi who is a nameless ronin. Hunted by his past, Nanashi had vowed to never draw his sword again. Sword of the Stranger has awesome fighting scenes.



Tekkon Kinkreet

A fantastically made animation with a sort of sandbox world type of feel to it. It’s about two brothers named Kuro and Shiro who fight to keep control of the streets of Takaramachi from a gang of thugs. In this anime, there are many well animated fight scenes that you may find awesome.