Apple files for iWatch Trademark in Japan

7 years ago by in Business, Technology

Apple could release a watch device, as it has applied for a trademark for ‘iWatch’ in Japan, which fuels rumours that the company is working on a wearable device.

A patent official confirmed the application, which was submitted on June 3 and released on the Japan Patent Office website on June 27, the international press reports.

It is not known yet how long it will take for the process to be approved, but if successful, the trademark would cover computers, computer peripherals and wristwatches.

Tim Cook, Apple boss, said last month that wearable devices were “ripe for exploration”, but he added that he is not totally convinced about the success of such products.

In February, the international press quoted sources who claimed Apple was experimenting with a curved design.

Google and Samsung are also working on wearable technology, with the first preparing to start selling Google Glass head-mounted device at the beginning of 2014 and with the latter working on a ‘smart-watch’ at the moment.

Apple’s last major new product was the iPad in 2010 and the company is under pressure to maintain its reputation for innovation in the face of increased competition and a share price that has slumped 25 percent in 2013.

Apple did not make any comments yet regarding the latest reports.