Apple Japan starts selling ‘Lucky Bags’ on January 2

6 years ago by in Business

After the New Year, Apple retail stores across Japan will sell “Lucky Bags” on January 2, as an annually tradition. A Lucky Bag or Mystery Bag is filled with a random selection of products sold at a steep discount.

This time, Lucky Bags will be sold by Apple for Y36,000 or $345. The bags usually include iPods, headphones, and t-shirts, but also more valuable products such as iPads or MacBook Airs. On such occasions, the value of the bag can be much higher than its price and that have made Lucky Bags ultra popular in Japan.

Apple’s grab bags are sold as is, and returns are not accepted unless a product is defective. Still, the bags have been quick sellers on previous occasions, with many people lining up the night before to get their hands on a bag, according to the international press.

Lucky bags have lots of fans, so the shoppers usually stand in line one night before the opening of the Apple stores. If a customer shows up in the morning and still manages to buy a bag, he can consider himself lucky, fans say.

As with past years, Apple’s Lucky Bag promotion is limited to Japanese customers, though other countries, like China, may see the same traditional Apple Store sales during the new year.