Asada wins gold at Skate America female short program

5 years ago by in Sports

Mao Asada, 23, won the gold medal on Sunday at Skate America international competition in Detroit, USA, for performing the best female short program.

Asada performed on Friday a new short program, described by the international press as being a more mature and romantic one. At the same time, the program performed on Chopin’s “Nocturne” seems to fit better for a woman who stated recently her wish to retire after the 2014 Olympics in order to “meet a good partner and [make] a good family together.”

During her short program on Friday, Asada nailed a triple-flip and triple-loop, double-loop combination to earn a near personal best, then capped off the weekend with a free skate Sunday to Piano Concerto No. 2 by Rachmaninov that, despite a fall on her triple Axel, earned her the gold medal, the media reports.

The silver medal was won by the U.S. national champion Ashley Wagner who performed an almost perfect but less technically demanding routine, while Russia’s Elena Radionova, who is too young to compete in the Winter Olympics in Sochi in February due to the fact that she is only 14, won the bronze.

“I have to say congrats to Mao, because she is pushing this sport further and further every single competition, and that is something we should all be very happy about,” Wagner said.

Radionova called Asada “my idol”. “I don not see her only as a rival, I am just enjoying watching her when she skates,” Radionova said.

“It is nice to hear the comment from [Radionova] and I wish her good luck,” said Asada.