ASEAN Youth Festival 2010

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Here’s a peek of an event organised by the ASEAN Youth Network in Japan (AYNJ). It is a network formed by the various students associations of fellow South East Asian countries.

The ASEAN Festival’s purpose is to promote the South East Asian cultures in Japan, as well as fostering the kinship among fellow South East Asian students.

This year’s event was held at JASSO’s HQ in Komaba (2 stations away from Shibuya) on 20 June 2010.
Activities of the day including selling of food and beverages, cultural performances and games.

the logo

The stage backdrop. Unfortunately this year the Thais and Singaporeans didn’t participate the event.

The Malaysian booth.

The Cambodian booth.

The Philippines booth.

The Laotian booth.

The Burmese booth.

The Brunei booth.

The Vietnamese booth.

The Japanese booth. they’re representatives of a local university.

Malaysian food!
L-R: Tomato rice; Chicken rice; Nasi Lemak; Dessert cakes.

Delicious-looking dessert prepared by the Philippines. ^^

It’s been years since I last had this Tomato rice and oh boy…. first bite of it transports me back to years ago lol. The meat is chicken cooked in Malay style btw.

Brunei style fried noodle! the taste is slightly different than the Malaysian’s version.

The Cambodian’s noodle dish was having great sales!

Tried the Cambodian noodle sold above. Sleek and smooth, not only it’s cheap but most importantly it fits my tastebud well!

Showing off some handicrafts

One of the top program of the day, cultural performance.
Here we have talented musician from Laos who can play and sing at the same time.

The Malaysians came up with a rather unorthodox performance, dancing to the tune of Lady Gaga.

If not mistaken this was Burmese’s performance.

The sweet Vietnamese performer.

The Japanese’s performance, the famous Yosakoi Soran dance.

The Cambodians.

Taking picture with people from different cultures.

At the Japanese’s booth, they’re having this shooting game.

The crowd

Introducing a traditional game played by mostly elementary kids. Used to played this many moons ago but have forgotten how to play it lol.

Another traditional game which requires the player to grab the small stone pieces with a hand. Can’t remember much of this game from my childhood though.

The Japanese showing off their fancy matsuri tops.

Was greeted warmly by the Indonesians at their booth.

Back to the Malaysian’s booth.

Another highlight of the day, the fashion show.
This was the Laotian.

Malaysians in many different styles of clothings.

Cambodians with their smooth and soft dance.

didn’t knew that Indonesians had so many traditional cloths!

The Vietnamese. love the Ao Dai.

lol surprise by the Japanese….. cosplaying they were!

Yukata and high-school uniforms huh….

The Philippines’ dresses do contain a little Latin flavour eh.

Finally, the elegant Burmese.

It’s a great opportunity to see the different styles of South East Asian cultures. In fact I have learn alot more during that day compared to the many years I’ve spent back in Malaysia to learn more bout South East Asian countries lol.

Near the end of the event, where the performers and folks gather on the stage singing songs together.

And not to forget, a group photo at the ending.