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Kyoto’s temples, shrines, festivals and people

Setsubun at Yoshida Shrine

The steps of Chion-In

A monk and the kabuki theatre

A geisha in Gion

A geisha at Baika-Sai, Kitano Tenmangu

Heian Shrine Garden

Pagoda through …

A road trip round Wakayama

Nachi Taisha

Shingu Fire Festival

Hongu Taisha

A trip around Shikoku in Spring, 2010

Seaweed farming

Amagoi Falls

Kazurabashi (Vine Bridge)

The Peeing Boy, Iya Valley

The Iya Valley

Matsuyama Castle

The view of the Seto Inland Sea

NIshi-Funabashi at night

Time lapse of Nishi Funabashi, just outside the station.

Nishi-Funabashi is a station in Chiba, at the end of the Tokyo Metro Tozai line.

Please excuse the poor editing!

A trip round Tohoku: Hiraizumi, Geibikei, Matsushima Bay, Yamadera



Matsushima Bay


A night out in Osaka

Osaka at night

Seeing the customer off

Night lights

A crab in a window!

The famous Tottori sand dunes, complete with suited businessmen!

A lone salaryman on the dunes

Footprints in the sand

Salaryman on the dune

A day in Nara park


Burning incense in Todai-ji

One of the infamous deer!

Shots from around Kyoto city centre

Kawaramachi shopping district

Gion at night

Kiyamachi in cherry blossom season

A happy driver and customer

A few shots from Japan’s old capital in black and white.

Yasaka shrine

Yasaka shrine lanterns

A view of Gion

Higashi-yama on New Year’s Eve

Summer in Hokkaido is nothing like the hot humid cities. The open fields and farmland feels like North America, not Asia. Enjoy!

Biei haybales

A cornfield in Biei

A farmer in his rice paddy

Shots from in and around Tokyo

Yurakucho yakitoriya

Yurakucho yakitoriya

Yurakucho yakitoriya

A miniature izakaya at Tokyo Design Festa

Kasai rinkai koen

Kasai rinkai koen

Kasai rinkai koen aquarium

Kasai rinkai koen aquarium

Shots from in and around Tokyo

Weeping cherry blossoms


A row of taxis at night

Kaitenzushi chef

Sake tasting

Crossing in Yurakucho

Shots from Tokyo city and its surroundings

Fall leaves in a pond

Cherry blossom trees

Convenience store price tags

Cherry blossoms

Smokin’ and playin’

UFO catcher prizes

Beer and flowers at a grave

Shots from in and around Tokyo


A falling Autumn leaf! (Actually, it was caught in a spider’s web)

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

Stone statue

Fall leaves on a temple roof

Fall leaves and temple …

Shots from Tokyo city proper and its surroundings

Old posters near an izakaya

Matsuri yatai (Festival food stalls)

Shibuya at night

Incense at Senso-ji

Kimono-clad in Asakusa


Salarymen on their way home at night…