A Japanese Company Created A Pen That Let’s You Draw 3D Objects In Thin Air

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I’m sure that at one point of your life you’ve wanted to draw and make those drawings come to life. And now, a company called LIX has decided to fulfill that dream and make it a reality.  Just imagine… a printing pen that actually lets you draw 3D objects in thin air… Wow! Technology is surely getting better!

The LIX pen works just like a 3D printer, but instead  of printing, you would actually have to draw the objects.


At the tip of the pen, is a hot nozzle that actually melts and cools the plastic fiber that you are required to put inside the pen before drawing. It then allows you to create any type of 3D design that you want.


Letting the pen heat up for just a minute is enough to melt the plastic inside. You can also power it via USB cable.


After waiting a minute for the pen to heat up, you can start drawing anything you like.


You can use the pen for fashion…


…for school projects…


…or anything else that you may want to do with the awesome pen.


Several other types of 3D doodle pens have been created in the past, but the LIX Pen is a lot smaller and has a finer tip than its predecessors. But of course, you can expect the price to be on the higher side for something that’s so awesome.


It’s actually a cheap price to pay to be able to draw anything in mid-air!


You can check out LIX’s Kickstarter page over here.


Source: thisiscolossal.com