Bakattaa, Japan’s idiots on Twitter

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Bakattaa, a wordplay on “Twitter” and the Japanese for “stupid”, is used in the Japan to describe people who are being dumb on Twitter. The online publication Kotaku is showing a collection of photos and messages which prove that people sometimes forget that their tweets reach not only their friends, but really the whole world.

The collection includes several photos with comments published on social media websites by people who, for example, say that they found and kept different things, like mobile phones or wallets, or even stole them. “I stole a DS from the classroom lol. Because it had Pokémon: Black 2 and Pokémon: Ruby with it, I’m now going to head to the GEO game shop and resell them,” one of the tweets reads. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with the entire internet,” Kotaku comments.

A few young people posted photos while they are driving cars, adding that they do NOT have driving license, while another one is setting on fire a Y1,000 bill.

The names and faces have been censored by the quoted publication, “because sometimes we all are idiots”.