“Balloon Watcher”, one of the strangest part-time jobs in Japan

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BalloonsEvery year, less Japanese students succeed in finding a full-time job before graduation, due to the low graduate employment rates. They have to take part-time jobs until they find full-time assignments. The advantage is that Japan’s labor market has plenty of part-time jobs, although some of them seem to be rather odd, the international press comments.

Among some of the strangest part-time jobs is the “Balloon Watcher”. On the website of “Hello Work”, the Japanese government employment agency, the Balloon Workshop Corporation is currently listing a“Balloon Advertisement Surveillance” position. Many stores use giant balloons to advertise their business.

According to Hello Work, the Balloon Watcher job entails observing balloons to make sure they are properly inflated and in working order. The salary ranges from Y5,300 ($61) to Y7,300 ($84) per day, depending on the number of working hours.

Another rather odd job is the “Fake Wedding Guest”. Dairi, a wedding planning company, is looking for people willing to attend a wedding ceremony in order to liven up the atmosphere and to make it seem as if there are more guests. A fake wedding guest can even have dinner and receive wedding gifts, besides getting a salary. A suitable employee has to know how to behave with guests and to have proper manners.

The salary for this part-time job ranges from Y10,000 ($115) to Y15,000 ($172).