Battery issue grounds JAL Dreamliner again

7 years ago by in Business, Japan

After last year JAL Dreamliner grounded aircrafts around the globe for months due to battery problems, on Tuesday another Dreamliner jet had to be grounded as “white smoke” was seen outside the cockpit window during the control operations.

A technician at Narita airport in Tokyo saw smoke outside the cockpit window and then heard a battery system warning, according to JAL.

The problem was caused by a lithium-ion cell that leaked, but its safety valve, which is designed to release excessive pressure, was properly open.

“The temperature of the cell was high. We believe it caused ‘white smoke’, which could be smoke or vapor,” a JAL spokesman said.

“We are making sure of the safety of every plane before its departure. We will continue regular flights (with Dreamliners),” a separate JAL spokesman said according to the media.

The problematic aircraft was replaced with another Dreamliner jet, which left at the scheduled time, carrying 169 people on board.

Since last year, when Dreamliner’s fleet was grounded for several months in order for the constant battery problems to be solved, Dreamliners have had some other minor problems such as a fault with an air pressure sensor and the brake system.

In October, unflushable toilets caused JAL pilots to turn their plane around just after it left Moscow bound for Tokyo.

The Kyoto-based battery maker said it was “cooperating with Japan Airlines on finding the cause” of the latest battery malfunction, without giving other details.