A Beautiful Love Story That Will Make You Cry…

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At first, they had absolutely nothing considering they lived in a cave. They had no electricity or any food. For them to survive, they had to eat grass and roots that they found somewhere in the mountain. Liu made a kerosene lamp so that they can at least have some light source in their house. It also brightened up their lives despite where they’re living.

Most of you might not have heard of this love story before but you’re lucky because you’ll soon find out what it is. It’s a story of a young couple that were so in love that they decided to run away together so they can continue being in love. It took place 50 years ago where a 19 year-old boy named Liu fell in love with Xu, a 29 year-old widowed mother. During that time, it was prohibited for a young man to love a woman older than him. People thought it was immoral. So, in order to avoid a stressful life, the couple decided to secretly get married and live in a cave that was near Jianglin County in the southern part of Chongoing area.


The second year that the couple lived in the mountain, Liu began to hand carve steps on the mountain so that Xu can get down with any problem. He continued to hand carve the stairs for over 50 years.


No one knew about them living on the mountain until some explorers discovered the couple in 2001. It was almost half a century later when someone finally found them living there.


Liu had hand-carved this stairs for his wife. It was 6,000 stairs long and he managed to work on it every day just to make it safe for his wife to go down the mountain.


But then, Liu who was already 72, had came home from his farm work and collapsed. As he passed away in Xu’s arms, Xu sat and prayed with her husband the whole time. It was said that Liu was so in love with Xu that they couldn’t even remove his grip from her hand.


After his passing, Xu said to herself, “You promised me you’ll take care of me, you’ll always be with me until the day I died, now you left before me, how am I going to live without you?”

Xu had spent days repeating that same sentence while touching Liu’s black coffin.

It is truly a sad story…

The story had became so popular that the local government had decided to preserve the hand-carved stairs so that Liu and Xu’s love story will continue to live on forever.

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