Bento box giveaway

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Following the awesome giveaway courtesy of White Rabbit Press, we have another another giveaway to announce.

Our friends from Jbox are giving away three lovely bento boxes. For folks who aren’t familiar with Bento boxes, it’s a Japanese lunch box. In Japan eating out for lunch is common, but lunch boxes are also a very popular option.

Here are a few of the most popular Bento boxes from Jbox:

NORIO Onigiri Bento

Hello Kitty Face Bento Box

Blue Rabbit x Moon Bento Box Set

One of the things that make Japanese Lunch boxes so special is that there is a lot of care and thought put into making a lovely lunch. Back when I was in the UK, lunch boxes were usually a Sandwich or left over Spaghetti from the day before, Japanese lunch boxes usually have many mini side dishes that make every lunch feel like a mini feast.

So how can you get our hands on a one of those lovely authentic Japanese Bento boxes? All you have to do is, tell us what Japanese food is like in your neck of the woods and include a link to any bento box you want that is up to the value of $35 and that’s it.

For example, you can go to your local udon shop, ramen shop, 24-7 combini and show us the best that your area has to offer. If there isn’t anything at all in your area, make a Japanese Style lunch and tell us about it ^^.

Here is a few photo’s I borrowed form Danny’s site (with his permission!)

Did you know that Fatty Tuna used to be the cheap cut?

Okonomiyaki can probably be best described as Japanese pizza. You can grab an Okonomiyaki in normal restaurants as well as Matsuri’s (festivals)

Supermarkets and Food Shops in Department stores are awesome. You can try out samples until someone gets really angry. These yummy fried food are not samples (I am sure you already knew that ^^)

If you don’t want to have a BBQ, you can always visit restaurants like Negishi where they grill your Nikku for you. Sets usually come with Tororo which is Japanese mountain potato. Tororo looks slimy and icky, but actually quite lovely mixed with Rice

O-nabe is like the Asian equivalent to steam boat. Why is it called a steam boat, do you know? I haven’t tried it yet, but I really want to try the Sumo nabe called Chanko nabe. I heard its got everything a rowing Sumo wrestler needs.

That thing in the middle is a Yaki onigiri, which is a rice ball. It’s funny how most rice balls are not actually balls. The Yaki onigiri in this picture acts like croutons, and just like toast, tastes lovely lightly grilled with a bit of sauce.

Omurice is basically omelet made with fried rice, although it tastes lovely, Omurice will make you chubby if you have it too often.

Ah, yes Ramen – the nations most popular fast food. I like to usually have Pork soup base with mine but I know the healthy route is with Miso.

I talked a little bit about lots of different food, but feel free to put your own spin on your own post.

Rules in bullet points

  • Anybody with a Tokyo.JapanTimes account can enter – even if you signup now which you can do from the menu at the top from "Login."
  • You can only submit one post for this competition.
  • Photos submitted must be your own and you should include your story / advice / Ye Olde history or anything interesting behind the Food/Meal/Experience you want to talk about.
  • You got until march 22nd to submit your post

The winner will be the best post of the lot ^^
So what do you mean the best post?

We are looking for uniqueness, popularity and how much discussion your post generates. Don’t worry if your camera work is not flashy, that is not the only thing we will base our decisions from.

Looking forward to reading your posts guys!!