BODDHI SATVA – Exclusive – First Japan Appearance!

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Once in a while a really special event comes along, one where you are given the opportunity to see something new & rare for the first time and receive a little ‘education’ in music, the type of event which changes your outlook on music and creates memories which last a lifetime….. this just happens to be one of those events…..

On May 15th we’re going to take you on a journey to a relatively unknown club in Tokyo to give you a blank canvas in which to experience a relatively unknown artist (at least in Japan), but one who is BLOWING UP in the American and European House scene, thanks not entirely to his heavy weight mentors LITTLE LOUIE VEGA & OSUNLADE, who have both recognized the talent in this young artist and who have both taken him under their wings and signed him to their highly selective and respected record labels….. ladies & gentlemen, ‘dB UKi’ & ‘4 the love’ present – BODDHI SATVA!…..


来る5月15日、まだ日本では比較的に知られていない東京のとあるクラブで、日本だけで比較的にまだ知られていないアーティストの初披露の場に是非あなたをご招待したい。活動本拠地のアメリカやヨーロッパのハウスシーンでは爆発的な勢いを持つ彼。泣く子も黙るLITTLE LOUIE VEGA & OSUNLADEに才能を認められ、弟子としてだけでなく数々の格式高いレコードレーベルと契約を結んだ。レディース・アンド・ジェントルメン、ご紹介します、’dB UKi’ & ‘4 the love’ がお送りする-BODDHI SATVA。

Event –
BODDHI SATVA – Exclusive – First Japan Appearance
(presented by ‘dB UKi’ & ‘4 the love’)

Date / Time –
Saturday 15th May / 23:00-06:00+

Venue –
AMATE-RAXI (AMRAX), Shibuya (Think a mini-Yellow! Same great feel & atmosphere without the attitude! ;))

Main Room –
BODDHI SATVA (Vega Records / Yoruba Records / Offering Recordings) – LONG SET!
Aron T (dB UKi / Defected in the House, Tokyo)
Billion Dollar Boys Club (4 the love)

Lounge –
JZ (Red Melon, San Francisco)
Nariaki (bottON / Wafro)
Kouichi Hirose (Phonika)
Waka (Wedge)
Musiqconcierge (Beyond)

Live Vocals –
Uncle Tommy (4 the love)
Jason Young (Phonika)

Official Photographer –

Entry –
Guestlist – 2500yen (E-mail full names to –
With flyer – 3000yen
Door – 3500yen—Exclusive—First-Japan-Appearance/

Born and raised in the Central African Republic, Boddhi’s first introduction to music production happened in 1994. Back then, Boddhi was writing, singing and rapping in a Hip-Hop group (Gbekpa Crew) that he and a couple of friends created.

Willing to pursue his studies, Boddhi moved to Belgium in 2000, where he ended up embracing his first love, MUSIC. He then began to develop his production talents and was slowly seduced by the sounds of Deep House, and most notably the music of producers like: Kevin Yost , Alton Miller, St Germain, Osunlade, Masters At Work to name but a few.

“It was like a revelation to me, from then on I decided to play and produce this Music”.

A meeting with Alton Miller in 2005 resulted in the birth to two EP’s: “Prelude To A Motion EP” and “See The Day.” Both collaborations were released on the trail-blazing Paris-based ATAL Music. In 2006, Boddhi realized that the sound of Osunlade is one of the inspirations that helped him craft his now respected Ancestral Soul, a touch that was introduced to the world on Yoruba Records with the “Satva Varti EP.” In 2007 ATAL released “Moina Ya Mokili” Boddhi Satva’s third release on the label done this time in collaboration with Abel Tabu.

Boddhi, known to be a hard worker and has been labelled “The machine” by his peers. 2008 was a prolific year for Boddhi Satva who had just created his own label “Offering Recordings” and also delivered a lot of remixes and original productions on labels like:
Bubble Soul, Seasons Limited, Seed Recordings, Ocha Records, Vega Records, Yoruba Records, Abicah Soul Records, Franck Roger Digital, Deeper Shades Of House, CityDeep Music and UGH.

Now signed by world-renowned and Grammy Award winner Louie Vega (Vega Records) and Yoruba boss Osunlade (Yoruba Records), Boddhi has confirmed he could keep up his creativity by constantly recreating his musical aptitudes. He will shortly be releasing a full-length album showcasing his ever evolving talents. His now well-known “Ancestral Soul” mixes and productions will propel the profile of Boddhi Satva skyward.

People from the music industry supporting & praising Boddhi Satva:
Osunlade, Abicah Soul, Alix Alvarez, Alton Miller, Anané, Anto Vitale, Atjazz, Bradford James, Charles Webster, Oumou Sangaré, Claude Monnet, Dennis Ferrer, Dj Bruno, Dj Disciple, Dj Fudge, Dj Spen, Dj Spinna, Dr Bob Jones, Eman, Franck Roger, Ian Friday, Jamie Thinnes, Jellybean Benitez, Jihad Mohamed, JoJo Flores, Josh Milan, Julius the Mad Thinker, Karizma, Kenny Dope, Kerri Chandler, Kevin Hedge, Kiko Navarro, Laurent Garnier, Louie Lou Gorbea, Louie Vega, Marlon D, Manoo, Marques Wyatt, Mr V, Peter Hadarkwa, Ralf Gum, Rocco, Quentin Harris, Terry Hunter, and it goes on.


BODDHI SATVA (ボーディ・サットヴァ) –
中央アフリカで生まれ。その特徴的な名前はサンスクリット語の「悟りを得た存在(菩薩)」に由来する。当初はHip Hopグループのメンバーとして活動を開始、2000年にベルギーに移ってからはDeep Houseに傾倒し、MAWやOsunladeらの楽曲に大きな影響を受ける。

2005年にAlton Millerとの出会いを経てATAL Music (FR)より”Prelude To A Motion”、”See The Day”の2枚のEPをリリース、2006年にはOsunladeの一連の作品が内包する太古より受け継がれたソウルに共感し、Yorubaより”Satva Varti EP”をリリース。2007年にはAbel Tabuとのコラボレーションによる”Moina Ya Mokili”をリリース。

2008年には自身のレーベル”Offering Recordings”を立ち上げ、さらにはVega Records、Yoruba Records、Seed Recordings、Ocha Records、Abicah Soul Records、Franck Roger Digital、Deeper Shades Of House、City Deep Musicから数多くのタイトルをリリース。既にLouie VegaのVega RecordsとOsunladeのYoruba Recordsとサインをし、Ancestral Soulの名前でも知られるBoddhi Satvaは正にDeep House界に置いて将来を約束された期待の超新星である。誠実でハードワーカーで世界中のDJからの信頼も篤く、「マシーン」の異名とる彼はLouis VegaやOsunladeのワールドツアーでも常にオープニングを任され、世界各地でそのプレイが大きな話題を呼んでいる。